8 Wildest Scuffles in NBA Playoffs History (pg. 4)


#4. The Matchup: New York Knicks forward Larry Johnson versus Miami Heat center Alonzo Mourning (and Heat heach coach Jeff Van Gundy!)

The Date: April 30, 1998

The Fight: With just one second left on the clock during a first-round playoff game, LJ shoved Mourning, Mourning threw a punch back at him and the two started exchanging blows (pause) instantly. Players and coaches immediately tried breaking them up with Knicks then-head coach Jeff Van Gundy infamously latching onto Mourning’s leg as he dragged the coach down the court.

The Aftermath: Both players were suspended for the fifth and deciding game of the playoff matchup, which the Knicks eventually won.

#3. The Matchup: Phoenix Suns guard/forward Raja Bell versus Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant

The Date: May 2, 2006

The Fight: In the fourth quarter of Game 5 of a first-round series between the Suns and Lakers, Bell clothes-lined Bryant as the Lakers superstar drove to the basket.

The Aftermath: Bell claimed that he was reacting to an elbow to the jaw that Bryant had thrown at him earlier in the game. But he was immediately ejected from Game 5 and suspended for Game 6 of the series.