‘Basketball Wife’ Jen Williams Says Evelyn’s Nude Pic Drama Coming To TV


So far the world knows that Jennifer Williams of Basketball Wives sometimes struggles with her marriage to baller Eric Williams and that she doesn’t tolerate groupies. However, the new reality TV star says viewers shouldn’t be so easily swayed by 30 minutes of her reality.

“I knew everyone was going to have something to say and not everyone was going to like it so I try not to read the blogs,” Mrs. Williams tells VIBE of the criticism. “There have been some situations like the dance contest and things of that nature where I can see them saying it’s ghetto but we did a lot of positive things so I’m just hoping that they show that too.”

Not only will Williams’ business endeavors with Flirty Girl Fitness and the Save the World Foundation unfold in upcoming episodes, but she also made an effort to stop judging fellow co-star Royce by giving the raunchy dancing wild child a makeover in last night’s episode. It was an act Royce appreciated and also showed that Williams may not be as snobby as critics thought.

“At first I was a little hesitant about Royce because you hear stuff [but] actually I really like her,” says Williams. “When you go through this whole situation being on a show, you have no choice but to bond with the girls in some type of way.”

Williams now speaks to Royce every other day but not everyone on the show bonded well. The preview foreshadows a lot of drink-throwing and, according to Basketball Wives producers, viewers are in for a wild ride from here on. “I’m like, ‘Should I be scared?’ [But] so far I don’t have any complaints,” says Williams. “I don’t think I did anything too crazy on the show.”

Her friend Evelyn Lozada, however, will be the focal point of chaos thanks to nude pictures that recently surfaced, stemming from a confrontation that will be shown in a future episode.

“When we started filming [Evelyn] was getting these text messages and emails allegedly from another basketball wife who hacked into her email,” Williams reveals. “You see that play out on the show because [Evelyn] confronts the girl. There has been so much legal stuff where the FBI is involved. I couldn’t make this stuff up.” ?Starrene Rhett


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