Blogger's Circle: Can Dipset Make A Comeback?

Everyone knows the Diplomats haven't been the same without Cam'ron. The crew was a crew no more after friction between he and Dipset Capo Jim Jones. Cam vowed that a reunion was mission impossible, but now it looks like there's hope yet. Miss Info reported on Monday (April 19) that Jimmy and his partner-turned-frenemy are now on the road to recovery. But can they make beautiful music again? VIBE turned to a few top bloggers for answers.


ESKAY ( Sure, a reconciliation between Cam, Jimmy and Juelz, and the novelty it holds, will make for good blog fodder for a couple of weeks, but it’s really going to come down to one thing: the music. Let’s keep it all the way real here: if you want to hold people’s attention in hip-hop, the music had better be epic. I think there’s a good chance it might just be. Throughout this whole dispute all three of the Dipset principles have seen different levels of independent success, so logic dictates that, together, they should be able to make something happen. It’s just a matter of recreating that old chemistry. I think if the truce is sincere, and if they can reconnect on that personal level, the rest will fall into place. Time will tell.

FRESH ( Jim and Cam have been friends since their childhood, so it’s not surprising to me that the two are back on good terms. Growing pains in a friendship don't stop once the parties involved reach their adult years. If anything, they become more complex to maintain. Problems like who will take a birdbath in the sink first come up more often and can't be solved as easily as they once were. While I’m more interested in the cast of Hangin' With Mr. Cooper reuniting onstage at the BET Awards, there is no doubt that true Dipset fans are eagerly awaiting new music from Harlem's own Bert & Ernie. How does a 2010 version of "Me, My Moms, and Jimmy" sound?

MISS INFO ( Do people care about a Dipset reunion? Maybe the "kids" don't care. What they care about changes every time 106 & Park breaks for commercials. But there's other rap fans that 100% care. There's fancy chicks who know all the words to "Wet Wipes," they care. Your favorite rappers' favorite producers care. And maybe even care enough to want to help. Personally, I don't care about a reunion song, until they can forget what they were fighting about, and remember what it was like to be friends.


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