Blogger’s Circle: Is Diddy Managing Nicki Minaj A Good Move?


Well, Sean Combs is officially Diddy-bopping as Nicki Minaj’s new manager. The Tweets have spoken, and while some are happy for Young Money’s head Barbie, others have sarcastically remarked that she can kiss her career goodbye. VIBE turned to some top bloggers for their spin.


NECOLE BITCHIE (Necole Bitchie)
I think it’s an excellent move. Look at Diddy’s track record and what he’s been able to do for himself—record labels, clothing lines, fragrances, multiple television deals. Look at James Cruz’ track record. He was very instrumental in 50 Cent’s Vitaminwater deal, Missy’s deal with Adidas, Busta’s deal with Courvoisier. Nicki is more than an artist. She’s created a very marketable brand that extends outside of her music and she has the vision to do something far bigger than any other female rapper has been able to do in the past. How can you not win when you have those two powerhouses behind you to take your brand to the next level? I think people are far too focused on “Diddy” as an artist and also some of the acts that didn’t make it off of the shelf at Bad Boy Records but Nicki isn’t exactly signed to his label so… I think she’s in good hands, or at least better hands.

LOWKEY (You Heard That New)
It’s not a bad move, but it damn sure ain’t a great one either. Yes, his track record is somewhat credible–to a certain degree. But Nicki, at this point, can’t afford any mishaps. With Puff going head first with his Last Train To Paris project due out at the end of June and his dealings with Dirty Money, he can’t focus all his energy on Minaj. It’s like she’ll be begging for Puff’s attention when in fact he should be waiting on her hand and foot.

Had this been 1996 I would have been all over her teaming up with Diddy. But since Nicki is dipping in Kimberly Jones’ wig crypt, custom closet and now the Bad Boy label, I’m not impressed. I’ve seen this ish before. Clearly SHE hasn’t. Teaming up with Diddy to guide your musical career only gets you destined for Womp Womp city.


What do you think? Is aligning with Puff a good career move for Nicki Minaj?