Brawlin’! The 8 Wildest Scuffles in NBA Playoffs History

It didn’t take very long for the NBA Playoffs to heat up this weekend. During the Boston Celtics/Miami Heat game in Beantown on Saturday night, Celtics forward Kevin Garnett and Heat guard Quentin Richardson exchanged words with less than one minute to go in the game after Garnett’s teammate Paul Pierce was fouled hard in front of the Heat’s bench. During the melee that ensued, KG threw an elbow that hit Richardson in the face. He was slapped with two technical fouls, thrown out of the game and eventually suspended for Game 2 of the seven-game series.

Remarkably, this isn’t the first time an NBA player has put himself in jeopardy by getting involved in a fight during an NBA playoff game. Check out eight more of the most memorable scuffles that have gone down during the NBA Playoffs… —Chris Yuscavage