A Chick And A Dude Review Drake’s ‘Find Your Love’

While the Internet kids still try to decide whether Drake’s second single, “Find Your Love,” is an emo jackpot or an underwhelming sing-a-long, two of VIBE’s resident critics, Tracy Garraud and Chris Yuscavage, took to the IM box (and their iTunes) to hash out their opinions on Toronto’s great half-white hope. 


i was taken aback by how experimental he went

usually artists dont go that route for their debut

they just basically glorify whatever the hell made them popular in the first place

which is both a good and bad thing

Good point. He’s also been successful, pun intended, doing a couple different things now, though. So I was more surprised that he went SO heavy with the singing on this one

Like, as a guy, I automatically know that this song isn’t for me 30 seconds in. Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing, but…

yeah this is definite pander

but it works!

here’s why

if there’s a guy in class

who always brags about being a great singer

and consequently

sings in your ear all the time

it’s insincere

there’s a different agenda there

but when you have the dude who doesn’t uphold himself as a profound vocalist

just the regular guy


i cant sing, but ima try

LOL, this is a great explanation



the everyman is killing it these days

Very good point

my question for you is, how much should we applause this?

on the same level as a trey songz?

does he get more credit bc he can’t sing?

I was JUST about to say that. If I’m Trey right now, I’m like, ‘Damn, Drake! I thought we were boys!’ ‘Cause this all up in his lane…I could see him singing this exact song and killing it

But you’re right

I don’t know if you get the same reaction if this was Trey singing


yeah not at all

i think right now it’s all about vulnerability

Because Drake sounds like he’s struggling emotionally on this one…And the fact that he’s not a true singer adds to it, for sure



who wouldve thought

the way to woo a woman

was to pop in a song by a nonsinger

hahaha! Times are changing!

tis true my good fellow!

Go out to the club and hear your favorite rap song by someone that’s not really that good of a rapper….then head up and pop on your favorite song by a guy that can’t REALLY sing. Way of the world today, I guess


how do you feel about this sounding like a relic from 808s and heartbreak? 

It really does. He’s definitely on his Kanye ish

Know why I know this song is a hit? I’ve now listened to it enough times to barely even pay attention to the words and it still sounds like a hit.


Advice from Drake

There’s a great way to determine what to do with your life


but the question still remains

when is this dude going to SPIT

that’s what propelled him here

where is ransom?

ignorant shit?

Very true. I think it’ll be on the album. It’s gotta be.

i just dont want him to pander too much to the females

they weren’t with him in 08

I feel like WE want to hear that….But 10 million other people don’t. This is what they want to hear. Drake singing, Drake making “Over.” I’m convinced there will be at least one or two joints on the album that WE are like, ‘DAMN!’

he couldve at least given us a street single though

come on

yeah, the street single woulda been nice.

I think it’d have a whole lot of people less nervous

than they are right now


i was caught so off guard by this

i felt deceived


but this shit is mega catchy

i want to hate it

It’s gonna catch on. For sure…

And just wait….in 2 months, you will HATE (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) this song

Because this is the type of song that Hot 97 is about to have on back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back

now this would be a quintessential rapper…

drake doing hooks

j.cole doing verses

they are each other’s weakness and strength

a hybrid of them would be RETARDED


i hope that collabo mention wasnt just for blog fodder

Nah, I figure they gotta do SOMETHING in the future.

But who knows….

yeah, drizzy may not want to be next on cole’s slaughter list


final thoughts!


Drake, congrats on having another hit on your hands. The Drake haters are definitely about to be out in full force…but this one is a winner


P.S. Start rapping again….soon


here’s my note

Drake, you have enough panties on stage. If I throw mine, will you rap?



and we out!