Chilli’s Blog: The Ups & Downs Of Dating A Guy With Kids


The ups of dating someone with kids is that they understand as far as when it comes to time. The kids are first, especially when you’re a good parent. You don’t have the time to just up and leave and do stuff, so it’s great when someone understands that. Two, just someone understanding the love that you have for kids is awesome.

The down side to dating someone with kids, for me, if I see that you’re a horrible father, that’s it. Or if you’re a great father but the baby mama is killing it with the drama? Or if you have some really spoiled bratty kids and you see that but you can’t discipline nobody else’s children and you can only say so much because it’s a fine line between talking to a parent about raising their kids. I don’t have a horror story, thank God. But friends have told me how horrible some kids can be, spoiled and allowing the kid to run you.

It’s important to see the type of father that person is to his children because if he’s the kind of dad that sees his children every now and then, true enough the woman may overlook that because she’s just concerned about the time that she’s getting with him, but if he’s that way with his children and you stay with him and get married and have kids with him then that’s just the way he parents. So if you don’t like that, those are things you need to observe and those are things you definitely have to take into consideration when going forward with somebody with children. You have to be likeminded when it comes to parenting skills.

Women should pay attention. When a man shows you who he is, believe him, as a person, as a parent everything. And don’t think you’re the scientist that can come in and fix this project. A lot of women fall prey to that because you always want to change something. It’s like, no, you can’t change people period so let’s just get that out your head right now.

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