Chris Rock Defends Marlon Wayans As A ‘Knockout’ Richard Pryor


At first thought, silly-man, Marlon Wayans seems far from the right actor to portray legendary comedian, Richard Pryor, in the biopic, Richard Pryor: Is It Something I Said?

But his fellow jokester and producer of the film, Chris Rock, told VIBE he believes Wayans’ will give a more than impressive performance. 

“They’re still working on the script, but I think Marlon’s going to knock it out the park,” Rock says of his leading protagonist. “If you see the screen tests… he really becomes Richard. It’s amazing. It’s not just dramatically. I think [this film’s] going to be good.” 

Eddie Murphy was originally set to play the part of Pryor, before being replaced by Wayans in October.

The biopic is set to begin production next fall. — Tracy Garraud

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