Death of The Black Comedy?


I have to first say that I did not think Death at a Funeral was going to be any good. The original is hilarious and why remake a black version of it? I had no doubt Chris Rock, Martin Lawrence, and Tracy Morgan would be funny, but would the rest of the cast deliver? Would these guys overdue it and give us another reason to not see a “black comedy”? Well, they did deliver and I will try…. to never prejudge a remake again. 


The casting of this film was spectacular. The talent all held their own. The film is about a family that comes together for a funeral that ends up exposing a dead fathers lil secret. Chris Rock and Martin Lawrence play brothers who have a long standing sibling rivalry, both deliver outstanding performances. We need to remember that these two are truly comic geniuses and paired together they show how diverse the art form is. 


Tracy Morgan as usual was hilarious. His scenes with Danny Glover, who plays “Uncle Russell” make you want to poop your pants…..literally. 


The young guns Zoe Saldona, Columbus Short, Regina Hall and James Marsden come in and give the film the jolt of energy. Marsden’s character “Oscar” will have you crying by the end of this film. How did the random white dude steal so many laughs? These young actors help erase the color line that plagued this film to begin with. Their performances made me realize I was not watching a “black comedy,” but a universally funny film. 


I think some film makers out there have really done a terrific job of continuing to promote negative stereo types of the black community. Lining your pockets with cash will never get you the crossover respect you so salivate for. Hell, I was almost scared to see a predominately black cast in a comedy because of your non sense! Now I can rest at ease knowing that films like this will soon make you and your brand of funny irrelevant. — Jamal Munnerlyn