Dip Skits! The 10 Funniest Dipset Interludes of All Time


Say what you want about ’em, but Cam’Ron, Jim Jones, Juelz Santana and the rest of the Dipset crew are some funny-ass dudes. From the clothes they wear (pretty in pink!) to the slang they use (you smell me?!), the Dips definitely know how to keep smiles on our faces (no homo!). That sentiment extends to their albums, too, where they’ve long used hip-hop skits as a way to show off their unique sense of humor. While putting together our “Oh, Skit! Hip-Hop’s 25 Funniest Interludes” list earlier this week, we came across a gang of them but felt a little funny about including too many of them there. So, instead, we decided to hold off and celebrate the recent reunion of Cam’Ron and Jim Jones by devoting a separate list dedicated specifically to Dipset. Here’s the best of the bunch… —Chris Yuscavage


The Skit: “Phone Interlude” from Cam’Ron’s 1998 debut, Confessions of Fire 
The Punchline: Cam: “Yo, when you coming to clean my house, yo?…I need some rims for my shit, too, it’s almost summer.” 
The Bottom Line: This interlude established a simple formula for all of Cam’s future skits: Girl calls Cam. Cam doesn’t really want to talk. Girl calls Cam out. Cam says something completely off-the-wall. Girl gets pissed. Cam hangs up. The end!



The Skit: “Voicemail Skit” from Jim Jones’s 2006 album, P.O.M.E. (Product Of My Environment)
The Punchline: Female: “I ain’t getting’ shit out this out this motherfuckin’ relationship but a motherfuckin’ Dipset tattoo…I ain’t fuckin’ with you no more—but when you get this message, call me!”
The Bottom Line: At least Cam answers the phone for his girls! Jones isn’t quite the comic that Cam is so he lets this chick calling his voicemail do all the work on this skit from his third album.



The Skit: “On Fire Tonight” from Cam’ron’s 2002 album, Come Home With Me
The Punchline: Freaky Zeeky: “That’s my word! When I see you, I’m gonna put you in eight headlocks!”
The Bottom Line: Forget that scar across his stomach, the prison bid, and the time he was shot back in ’03—deep down (pause), Freaky is straight comedy. Just check him calling up this chick who “burned” him and checking her. Ouch!


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