Don’t Call It A Comeback: The 8 Most Disappointing Returns In Recent Rap History


Say it ain’t so, Shyne. After spending nearly a decade behind bars for the infamous 1999 Club New York shooting, this is how you choose to make your return to the rap game? First, you hopped on a track with Akon and Mavado for DJ Khaled’s Victory that was so bad that it wasn’t included on the album. Strike one. Then, earlier this week, you released your underwhelming street single, “Messiah.” Strike two. And, finally, you followed that up by dropping two god-awful freestyles over Rihanna’s “Rude Boy” and Alicia Keys’ “Unthinkable.” Strike three. Yer out! Yeah, we know you’ve got that hefty Def Jam contract in your back pocket—but let’s just hope you’ve got a good plan B, too, eh?

You’re not alone, though. Taking time off for any reason is usually a bad idea if you’re a rapper. Just check out this list of rappers that went away for awhile and struggled when they finally decided to try and come back… —Chris Yuscavage