The-Dream Says Christina Requested Pickles And A Cow While Preggers


It’s no secret that mothers-to-be tend to crave bizarre combinations during their pregnancy. The-Dream says his wife, Christina Milian, was no different, but probably had the most unusual demands.

“That woman wanted everything. Pickles, a building, the ice-cream factory, a cow, a train set, a cloud, a song,” Dream says with a laugh. “She was really funny when she was pregnant.” 

The R&B couple’s one-month-old daughter, Violet, bares a striking resemblance to her father, which Dream says runs deeper than looks. “Violet is just like me: cool. She thinks, though. When you look at her you can tell she’s thinking, ‘What the fuck did I get myself into out this womb? These motherfuckers are crazy. And who the hell is this bitch?’ [laughs] She doesn’t cry a lot, she’s just a tiny quiet character,” he says. 

Wednesday, Us Weekly revealed photos of Milian with her newborn sans daddy Dream. Why the absence? “I don’t deal with those types of things. Most of anything that gets shot… that’s Christina’s world,” he says. “I’ve never been into tabloids or blogs. Before I met her I wasn’t even paying attention to that shit. Now I’m like whatever. [Those things] can just influence you in the wrong way and put you in a certain mood. I don’t give a fuck though. Blogs didn’t get ‘Umbrella’ written.” 

Dream, who has four children in total (three with ex-wife Nivea), says he always planned for a huge family and would love to have even more kids. “I’ll probably end up with eighty kids some type of way. They’re like little people with little personalities. I love them… always wanted a big family,” he says. “I grew up by myself, my mother passed in ’92, so I was still staying in my grandfather’s house and grew up as a single child, dealing with his crazy self. That’s why I like having a lot of people around. So when I had the power, it was about building something so even if doesn’t start [with me], I’ll just influence my children to make children. So it starts and stays this way so you’re never forgotten.”

As for his wife’s fourth album, Elope, which was being worked on before Violet’s birth, Dream says to expect another project from Milian first. “She’s paused a little bit on the music side because she has more movie stuff now. She’s also dealing with some personal family stuff with her mom and her sisters. So she’s kind of in that world with things she’s trying to put together before she steps back into working [on the album].”

The-Dream and Christina Milian wed in September 2009. Milian is currently signed to Radio Killa Records. —Tracy Garraud

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