Earth Day Essentials


Is Earth Day the new Valentine’s Day?  Judging by the amount of sustainable products coming out “just in time” for this planet’s holiday, we’d have to say yes.  In the spirit of planetary love, here are a few products that’ll help save the world and the economy at the same time.

Kiehl’s Açai Damage-Protecting Toning Mist

Kiehl’s tapped four famous names to design packaging for their limited edition toning mist (you put it on after the shower and before the moisturizer).  Artist Jeff Koons, Jullianne Moore, pro-surfer Malia Jones and Pharell all lent their creative eyes to the 100% organic skin-rejuvenating spray.  If the visuals weren’t enough to sell you, 100% of the proceeds will go to support the Rainforest Alliance.

$26 at Kiehl’s Stores.

BAPE “Ohasi” Chopsticks

Rather than grabbing another pair of disposable wooden sticks with your Dim Sum delivery, pick up these camouflage-wrapped ‘chops from the same people that brought you fly apparel.  Just don’t drop any spicy tuna on Baby Milo.

$42 at Cliff Edge.

The Garden Collection by H&M

Right on the heels of their new eco-friendly beauty line, H&M announced their first-ever collection made entirely of sustainable materials including organic cottons, linens and even recycled PET bottles (those used Coke cans can be transformed into more than just Lady Gaga hair pieces apparently).  Florals for Spring?  In this case, ground breaking indeed.

Available at H&M stores nationwide beginning March 25th.