Eve IDs The White Guy In Her Life


Blogs feast on celebrity love lives. Most recently, paps snapped Eve leaving gossip blogger Perez Hilton’s birthday party last Saturday (March 27) on the arm of a White man whom she’s been spotted with in the past few weeks.

Word spread that Eve—who’s been linked to interracial romances in the past—had found herself another White boy. But Eve says it’s all untrue.

“I am dating someone and… he’s Black [Laughs],” the rapper tells VIBE. “The dude, I know [who] you’re talking about. That dude’s name is Shane. That is my boy. I’ve probably known him forever. I’m probably his first or second Black friend he’s ever had [Laughs].”

The handholding, the closeness – the 31-year-old MC says it’s strictly platonic. “[Shane] is a promoter in L.A. and he literally knows my family, he knows my little brother. He’s that type of dude where if we go places he feels protective and grab my hand,” she explains. “Me and Shane have never had sex, we’ve never kissed. He probably wants to… we never will [Laughs].”

So who’s the secret Black Romeo in her life?

“He’s not in the industry, which I like. It’s all just very new and sweet. But we’re chillin’ and I’m so not trying to be in a relationship at the moment. Hopefully my next situation has me married with kids, but I’m taking it super slow,” says Eve. “On my Twitter I had somebody curse me out about White people. Some dude was like ‘Oh so you launder money and you fuck White dudes?’ Really?! Really?! Fall back! I don’t discriminate, but I love my Black men, that will never ever change.”

Eve is currently in talks for a new major label home and is recording her fourth album, Lip Lock. —Tracy Garraud