Letoya Luckett’s Blog: Finding Your Inner You


I want to talk about You!! The inner You. Not just the person that you look at in the mirror and judge from head to toe, but the part of you that sometimes goes unseen or heard. Question: Why do we always second guess ourselves? Why do we sometimes choose to let other people’s opinions run our lives? I like to call it “People Pressure.” Don’t become the victim of people pressure.

Now, I’m not saying that there’s no such thing as “good advice.” But make sure that you are at peace with your decisions.

Ladies, I know a lot of times we find ourselves in a relationship and we are so focused on pleasing that man that we tend to lose ourselves. So busy caring for him and his needs and what he thinks, always in need of his approval that it becomes a challenge to make a decision on our own.

Be confident in You! God created u in his image and he doesn’t make mistakes. Fall in love with You! If you don’t love You then who will? How can you expect to be respected if you have a lack of respect for yourself?

I once found myself in a situation where I questioned everything I did. I nicknamed myself Can’t Get Right. I was always walking on egg shells trying to be perfect, but that’s just the thing: NOBODY’S PERFECT! We have to realize that mistakes will be made, but as long as we don’t beat ourselves up every time we make a mistake and instead look at our wrong turns as learning experiences, then all we’re really doing is growing and learning.

Life isn’t easy but everyday that God gives us is a blessing and another shot at greatness!! Be in encoraged, my love, and never forget the true beauty in YOU!!!