Lil Jon On Losing To Scott Storch: ‘The Internet Is Full Of Crazy Motherf*ckers’


Anyone can be a tough guy online, or as Lil Jon likes to call them—in regards to his loss to Scott Storch in VIBE’s Best Producer Of All-Time Tournament—”crazy motherfuckers.” 

Though the self-proclaimed King of Crunk says he harbors no hard feelings about losing to Storch, a producer he admires, he did share his opinions on why he might’ve taken an L. 

“On the Internet you never know who’s voting. People shouldn’t take it seriously if they lose because the Internet is full of all kinds of crazy motherfuckers,” he says. “Some people do shit purposely cause they hatin’. Anything related to the internet, I don’t take seriously.”

Jon does believe he should’ve at least moved to the second round. “I was like, ‘I need to win because I have the biggest record period.’ ‘Yeah!’ was the biggest club record of the last 10 years. Alone, I’m kicking ass off that. Then you have to look at it like I created my own genre and ran music for awhile.”

“‘Yeah!’ was the biggest club record of the last 10 years. Alone, I’m kicking ass off that”

He continues: “I don’t know if people are really understanding what that category is about. If it’s about running the clubs, you can’t go into a club right now and still not here ‘Get Low.’ You gon’ here ‘Yeah!’ You gon’ hear ‘Snap Yo Fingers.’ I got a lot of records.”

With a bevy or urban and crossover hits, Jon was definitely a contender, but cites that his three-year absence may have also stunted his chances at advancing. “I haven’t been in some peoples faces too, so some want to write you off. Blah, blah, bullshit, bullshit. [But] everybody is one hit away. People come back from nowhere all the time.”

As far as who should reign victor overall, amongst favorites like The Neptunes, and Dr. Dre, Jon gives his most props to Timbaland for a variety of reasons.

“Timb is dope because he’s reinvented himself a couple of times, and every time he comes he changes the music game a little bit. He’s one of the producers that I look up to, because when you’re killing the music game and everyone starts to jack your shit and then you come back totally different, that’s hard to do. And to just come and smash it everytime, not to just make beats, but to make stars… that’s amazing.” —Tracy Garraud