Lil Wayne IS Working the Midnight Shift & is a “Perfect Gentleman”


There was a bit of confusion today regarding whether or not Lil Wayne was holding down a job while serving his year-long sentence for gun possession after his ex-wife tweeted she didn’t tell US Weekly any such thing.

Leave it to a woman to protect her (former) man’s image.

Turns out he is working as a Suicide Prevention Aide patrolling the suicidal inmates in his unit. According to a Riker’s corrections insider there are three SPAs for each unit in the Eric M. Taylor Center where Wayne resides.

“He works the midnight shift in his unit,” says the source. “He starts at 11pm and ends at 7am.”

According the source, Wayne took a test for the position that is one of the better jobs offered. “The other inmates clean, work in the pantry, they all have some kind of job but his allows him to be alone.”

And after one month down and possibly 11 more to go, the source says that Wayne still has his panic-button clad escort. “He only works in his unit and all the inmates there have escorts. He’s only accompanied when he leaves that unit. 

Then there was the question of whether Wayne had to be stopped from signing autographs. “That was a recent department order instructing staff not to seek autographs from high-profile inmates,” says the insider.

As for how Weezy is holding up: “He’s a perfect gentleman,” says the source. “He’s respectful, he keeps to himself. He doesn’t want any trouble. He wants to do his time and get the fuck out.”