Lil Wayne’s Baby’s Mamas ‘Really Cool’ With Each Other


With Lil Wayne having four different kids by four different women, you might think there’d be a lot of personalities to manage. But luckily the superstar hasn’t had any baby mama drama, according to his ex-wife Toya, the mother of his eldest child, Reginae.

Wayne’s other seed-bearers: actress Lauren London, singer Nivea and Sarah Chapman

“At this point it’s not about none of us,” Toya told VIBE. “It’s about the kids and I would go beyond for my daughter just to put a smile on her face. I would do whatever to have her around her brothers and just be cool and cordial. That’s what people don’t get… I been knowing Nivea for a long time and Lauren’s been around for a long time. We just never really talked like that until [her] baby was born.”

Toya added that her own experience not knowing her brothers and sisters has a lot to do with how she manages the relationships.

“I didn’t grow up with my dad’s kids and I don’t even know half of them and I don’t want that for Reginae,” said Toya. “I want her to have a good relationship with her brothers and be able to see them whenever, go to their house, they come to my house and that’s the kind of relationship all of us have.”


Although the situation might seem odd from the outside, Toya said it’s not weird for the parties involved. “Me, Lauren and Nivea are really cool and Sarah, we just met Sarah like this year. She’s cool and she bring her son over and all the kids just mix together. People just find that to be very strange and I don’t get it,” said Toya.

“It’s not like I want Wayne. Some of us are really over him. We just put that to the side. We having time with the kids with their daddy. The whole situation isn’t ideal so we just gotta make the best of it. ‘Oh I don’t like having my kids around her?’ Nah. He just lucked up to have baby mothers that are just not on no real ignorant stuff.”

To that end, Toya had nothing but kind words about Nivea’s recent video, “Love Hurts,” which features a cameo from the currently incarcerated Wayne. “When we was in New York going to court with him, Niv showed it to me when we were on the plane,” said Toya. “I thought it was really hot. Niv is very talented and I wanna see her come back out.” —Clover Hope