A Long Convo With… The-Dream


The-Dream isn’t a heartthrob, but he can easily snatch up any chick… and her boyfriend. A virtuoso at whisking silly and blunt quips with sex-soaked composition, the 31-year-old is a rapper’s favorite R&B singer and an R&B singer’s favorite songwriter. With his forthcoming third (and supposedly final) album, Love King, Dream is gearing up for what he feels will be a quintessential project. In-between cigar puffs, Mr. Milian spoke to VIBE about being a neo-sex-symbol, flipping burgers and his addiction to a woman not named Christina. —Tracy Garraud

VIBE: You mentioned that you might not do your fourth album, Love/Affair, but that there’ll definitely be The Chronicles of Nicki EP. This girl Nicki must really inspire you…
The-Dream:  [Laughs] She’s someone the fans always ask about, so I thought I should explain her more. The Chronicles of Nicki is just an eight-song set of me talking about who Nicki is, where she came from and really getting into detail about our situation. “Nicki Part Two” is on Love King, sandwiched between two other songs about her, “Yamaha” and “Abyss.” They’re all a part of the bigger picture.

Is she based off one girl, multiple girls?
Just one.

Anyone we may know?
[Shakes head]

Does Christina know who Nicki is?
Mmm, probably not.

She’s never been curious about the girl who keeps popping up in your songs?
Nah, I don’t think she really listens that far into what my records are. She’s more like ‘Oh that’s y’all people, whatever y’all do, is whatever y’all do.’

Ha, she sounds like a good under-analyzing wife. Will we ever hear from Nicki herself?
I’m going to have a girl sing her parts on the EP. I’m trying to figure out who’s going to do it for me. I’ll make sure it’s somebody that’s new, so no one would think I’m talking about an industry chick.

And then we’ll hear Nicki on Love/Affair!
Laughs] I’m not admitting that.

So Love/Affair will only happen if you can make it into a Purple Rain-type movie, right?
Exactly. And then the album would be the soundtrack.

That would be an interesting visual. What did you think about Badu’s video for “Window Seat”?
I was just like ‘Wow.’ I was wowed.

Would you be cool if Christina wanted to do something like that?