A Long Convo With… Shaunie O’Neal (Pg. 3)


At this point they’re all pretty repetitive. They’re really bold. When we lived in Miami, they used to come and ring our bell at the gate and try to come in that way, or pull up on boats or jet skis in the back of the house and pull their bikini top off. Plenty of my friends have told me way worse stories than that. They just have no boundaries. It’s just blatant disrespect and I don’t deal with groupies. I don’t talk to them, I don’t give them my attention. It’s just pure trash.  

Sometimes high-profile men like Tiger Woods and Jesse James, who deal with these types of women, check in to sex rehab claiming they have an addiction.

I’m not a professional in the whole thing but where was sex addiction 10 years ago? Nobody talked about it then. Now all of a sudden when everybody gets busted there’s this sex addiction? Maybe there is a such thing but where’s this been all this time. I’m not a big advocate of sex addiction. You knew what you were doing now you’re trying to say something took over you? [Laughs]

How do you feel about Football Wives?

We’re working on Football Wives now. I’m executive-producing. I want to have a dynasty of all the sports and all of their lives because I think that although we have a common ground, we’re still very different. I’m finding out with football—in doing research and gathering our ladies—that this is a different type of life because these guys can go out in the street and people might not know them by face, which helps cut down on the jump offs. And then football players seem to have more of a religious background that overflows into their work. They’re praying together, they’re staying together and they actually have a curfew and a lot of rules that are actually enforced, and I never really found that in the NBA. It’s different things for different sports but again we all have a common ground with each sports so we’re going into other genres.

Which genre of sports will follow right after football?

Baseball will probably be next just because those guys are gone a lot and you don’t really realize how much they’re gone. They have a ridiculous amount of games per season, then they have these camps that they go to where they’re gone for months so apparently baseball wives are alone a whole lot. It’s really interesting.

What are your career plans beyond TV?

I’m working on a shoe line. That’s been something that I’ve always wanted to do. The doors are opening and it’s just time to do something for me where my kids can be proud of me. I’m gonna be my own little entrepreneur so I’m excited.

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