A Long Convo With…Chamillionaire, Paul Wall, Dr. Teeth, Slim Thug And Bun B (Pg. 2)


How did it feel to do the video with Chamillionaire after all this time?

Paul Wall: It felt great.  It’s all about all of us coming together, putting our differences aside.  Part of that is me and Chamillion putting our differences to the side and moving forward.  We’re here trying to take back the music scene and take charge and be leaders in the Texas music movement.

You have a new album coming out too right?

Paul Wall: Yeah, it’s called, The Heart of a Champion.  It’s come out June 29.  The first single is “I’m on Patron” and I’m shooting the video with Dr. Teeth in a couple weeks.  Travis Barker produced half of the album.  A lot of people know him from being the drummer from Blink 182 but his hip-hop production is incredible.  He got a different viewpoint being from another genre of music.  It’s real instrumental and not just drum samples.  It’s crazy.

You also have an iPhone app about to drop too?

Paul Wall: Yeah, it’s called Paul Wall 360.  It’s a fan app where you can get pictures, exclusive music to download and preview and get on iTunes.  We got a game coming soon for it, too.  You can get Twitter feed updates, YouTube updates from all the videos I put up and see what shows we got coming up.  It’s a free app and it’ll be out in another week.

What was it like to work with these two on their reunion video?

Slim Thug: It’s good to see them back together.  That’s how I knew them.  They came to SwishaHouse together.  They finally got back together and put the bullshit aside and it’s a good look.  I feel like we back at SwishaHouse or something.

You have a new LP you’re working on as well?

Slim Thug: It’s titled The Thug Show.  So far I got features from Lil Wayne, Yo Gotti, Nipsey Hustle and Z-Ro.  I just been working.  I’ll have something out by the end of summer. 

You also cut off your braids and took out your grill.  Why?

Slim Thug: I’m bout to be 30 on September 8.  It’s grown man shit.  I been doing this since I was 15 and I always said when I turn 30, I’m cutting off the braids and taking out the grill and since it’s close to that time, I said fuck it.  I’m glad I did, too, cuz I get mo bitches now.  I’m gonna get me a lawyer bitch now.

As the elder statesman, how does it feel to see these two work it out and make music again together?

Bun B:  I think it’s a great thing for hip-hop in general.  When you have good people that make good music together come together and make great music, it’s a great thing.  We don’t worry about circumstances; we just appreciate the opportunity to see great music being made again.  It’s definitely a resurgence of Houston music right now.  The second wave is coming.  This is just something to kick everybody in the nuts, like you better get it right because we trying to get it down here in the H.