A Long Convo With…Chamillionaire, Paul Wall, Dr. Teeth, Slim Thug And Bun B


VIBE.com was on set with Chamillionaire, The People’s Champ, Slim Thug, Dorrough and Bun B as they shot the video to “Main Event,” the viral, collab-filled single on Chamillionaire’s forthcoming album, Venom, set to be released on June 22.  We chopped it up with all rappers on deck about reunions, comebacks and hip-hop, in no particular order. —Interviews by Maurice Bobb


You’re about the drop your third studio album.  What can we expect on this LP? 

Chamillionaire:  I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel with Venom.  I’m not trying to go too far to the left or too far to the right.  Sometimes I step outside the box and it might lose people a little bit, so this time I’m going straight up the middle.  I’m coming with some hard stuff.  That’s what Venom means.  I was looking at Spiderman and he cool but Venom, he’s just cooler, he’s more interesting. 

Can you tell us about some of the features on the album?

Cham:  One of the features is “Naked Lady” with Pimp C.  Pimp C produced it and nobody has heard it yet.  I can’t wait until the world hears it.  The concept of the song is when you get in your car and you fresh out the shower and you got nice clothes on and that naked lady that’s on the emblem of the Cadillac guides you wherever you wanna go.  There is something beautiful about that because that lady guides you.   That just means you on your way to get some money or wherever you on your way to, that naked lady is gonna guide you.




Dr. Teeth shot most of the videos for Houston artists back when Houston really blew up five years ago but you never worked with him at the time.  Why work with him now? 

Cham: Dr. Teeth was instrumental in creating the way Houston was looked at in the past, so this video is a way to update that visual.  Me and Dr. Teeth got a whole bunch of plans for this kind of stuff and this is the first step in that.  The Main Event with all these Texas artists all doing it big.

As the director, what’s your vision for the shoot?

Dr. Teeth: The concept is just a performance video.  To get the artists of this magnitude together, I wanted to put them in settings that felt like a step away from what you’ve already seen in the hood with the cars swangin’.  The Grind represents the industrial side of it, so that’s why we have the rooftop shots that show Houston in the background.  The industrial area makes it feel like it was work.  It’s been four years since the Houston explosion jumped off and none of us are in the same place.  All of us had really great successes and I wanted to show the growth.  I’m taking footage of Chamillionaire in France, India and all over the world and splicing it into the video.  He’s the Main Event in Texas, he’s the Main Event in India, he’s the Main Event everywhere, as are the rest of the artists in the video.