Murs’ Blog: A HECTIC Day In The Life


It’s been a while. But for those of you don’t know, the weeks leading to an album release are MAD HECTIC! In stores, phone interviews, tour routing, blah blah. I’ve got a great job. No complaining. But maybe y’all don’t know what we go through. A day of interviews–usually “phoners” is what we call them–can last anywhere from 2 to 8 hrs. F**k it. Here was my schedule on release day (April 13).

Midnight Download my own record from itunes. stoked to see the front page love

Midnight- thirty Approve the final text on my website. then tweet and fb to let the world know it’s finally live. 

1am Buy my own record for my own site to make sure the shipping and handling is on point. then schedule an 11am ustream to listen to the album with my fans live and field questions 

*sleep/wander the web looking for feedback 

9am Manager calls asks if I’m ready to do press at 2pm but still has nothing to say about the instore at 7pm.I think he forgot. various phone calls web designer and marketing agency about tweaks and sh*t to my SNP’s. Eat oatmeal

11 a.m. Ustream is not working. got my computer stolen. new macbook doesn’t have flash. the russian kid at my marketing agency takes over my screen from the office via ichat. and even HE can’t figure it off. 

11:30 a.m. I can see my fans chatting but they can’t see me. I’m sure they’re frustrated as am I so I tell the Russian f**k off or in his mother tongue “dasvidaniya”. And I use my LA public school education and what does Russell Simmons say my “raw street smarts”? to fix the problem. I DID IT! They can see me! but alas no audio. So I call the Russian back and he fixes that.

11:45 a.m. Hello Ustream! better late than never. or as I like to put it. Better late than to never show up like some of my “colleagues” aka rap a-holes. 

12:45 ish Got up to 1086 viewers(is that good?) then couldn’t take it. that shit was scrolling so fast I couldn’t even read it. It went from Q&A to pure comedy. Kids just started typing more shit fuck with me. I KNOW I was looking cross-eyed than a mf’er. Byebye Ustream

1 p.m. Now I’ve got to approve the new podcast for the week at <> just to make sure my cohost doesn’t post anything unsavory.

1:45 p.m. Podcast cool. nothing out of the ordinary just him ranting about how he will post twitpics of his little d**k if he doesn’t get over 1,000 followers in the next 24hrs. Raunchy as f**k and slightly offensive. Soooo, podcast APPROVED. But seriously follow him <> save him the embarrassment and save the world some pain.

1:45-2 p.m. wash my body and rinse my dirty oatmeal bowl.

2pm-6:52 p.m. Hello Meg from Juggernaut Sound Publicist extraordinaire she now connects me via 3 way from the office to my first of 8 interviews. Journalists from Chico CA to Chicago. Chicago to Toronto and back to Chico CA(3 interviews from a city with a population equal to my graduating class. Just kidding. This much press in a small city I know the show is gonna be crazy!!!) Anyway have you ever been asked the same 8 questions 8 times consecutively ? in a 5 hour span? It gets tricky. But if the interviewers are good and you’re creative it can be fun. Thankfully everybody was on their game. But now my ear is melting from holding my bb to it for hours sometimes crouching in a corner by the wall cuz I ran down the batt. twice. and oh yeah in seconds of free time between calls I had to find and book a new opener for my tour(one the guys in my first opening band was shot in the leg and foot) and also type an album song by song album summary for Zune. All whilst my wife literally dresses me even sprays deodorant on me so that we aren’t too late to the album signing.

7:15 p.m. Better late than… you know the rest. Pleasantly surprised that there’s actually so many people here in Tucson AZ that supported the new record and wanna say what’s up. Feels super good to get love “all the way out here”. Sign and take pics for about an hour. Think about buying the new Brotha Lynch Hung record but decide to wait for tour since I haven’t even really listened to the four cd’s I bought last week. You guys don’t know how much restraint that took. I’m ADDICTED to buying music.

8:30 p.m. Home. Microwave my Vegan leftovers. QT watching When We Were Kings. Then Twitter for I don’t know how long since I’m the a-hole who said I would follow everyone who twitpic’d themselves with the new record or tix to the upcoming tour Took waaayyy longer than I expected. But F**k the offer’s still good.

sleep somewhere around 1am

Hope this makes sense and/or entertains everyone. We’ve only just begun.

Peace and love y’all


Murs and 9th Wonder Fornever instores right NOW!!!

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