Nas Pays Child Support, Charges Dismissed


The child support saga between Kelis and Nas may finally have a positive ending. A judge yesterday (April 14) threw out contempt charges filed against the rapper after he cleared his $50,000 debt, the Associated Press reports

A previous report by TMZ claimed that Nas had to cough up $47, 249 for the support of his and Kelis’ son, Knight Jones. The singer’s attorney alleged that Nas had fallen $200,000 behind in spousal and child support payments.

TMZ also reported that Nas was set to pay $48,000 in Kelis’ accounting expenses and 90 percent of her legal fees. 

After the charges were dismissed, a spokesperson for Nas stated: “Nas has paid all of the child support owed in full.” The rapper reportedly had to pay $40,454 in back alimony and will begin to pay Kelis $299,000 in $10,000 monthly installments.

After settling, Nas released a statement saying, “All I want to do is make music and raise my kids. Nothing else matters.” —Rico Bouchet

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