A New Tiger Woods At Press Conference?


Tiger Woods finally opened up. For 33 minutes, the controversial golf icon appeared contrite during a candid press conference at Augusta National Golf Club for the 2010 Masters Tournament as he answered questions that have been on the public’s mind for nearly four months.

It was his first no holds bar Q&A session since a Thanksgiving car crash that led to the bombshell that Woods cheated on his wife Elin with allegedly 15 mistresses, including porn stars, a cocktail waitress and a club hostess.

But at the conference, Woods, a four time Masters champion, looked like a man relieved to be getting details of the scandal off his chest. When asked what has been the most disappointing aspect of the entire scandal, Woods said, “Having to look at myself in a light that I never wanted to look at myself…how far astray I got from my core morals that my mom and dad taught me….Cutting through the denial and taking a hard look at myself. The other difficult thing is the constant harrassment to my family…my wife and kids being baggered. [It’s been] very tough for us to heal.”

Among other highlights during the press conference…

Tiger on the injuries he suffered following the car accident: “I had a busted up lip and a pretty sore neck.”

On having more respect for the game and fans: “I want to get less hot…to tone down my negative outbursts, just be more respectful of the game, and acknowledge the fans, and show my appreciation for the fans. I haven’t done that in the past few years, and that was wrong of me. So many fans have supported me… thank you to them. I have under-appreciated the fans.”

On the news of his past Ambien usage and whether not he battled drug addiction: “I’ve taken it when my Dad was sick, and when he died. That was a tough time. I took it to help me sleep.”

On his connection to the controversial Dr. Galea, who is in the news for supplying performing enhancement drugs to professional athletes: “He did come to my house. He worked with a lot of athletes. He never gave me HGH. I’ve never taken any illegal drug, ever. I had PRP, plasma treatments. They draw blood in your arm, and [it helps] with injuries. As you know, I had knee surgery, and I a [plasma] injection for my knee.”

On his stint in rehab for alleged sex addiction: “Just prior to Christmas, I made the decision to enter rehab.  Having spent Christmas day with my family was incredible, and then having to go to rehab from there. I missed my son’s first birthday, that hurt a lot, I vowed to never miss a birthday again. I was in there for 45 day and it was to take a hard look at myself. I’ve come out a much better person for it.  I’ll still continue with my treatment. I was in there for 45 days to take a hard look at myself. I missed my son’s 1st birthdayI’m a much better person. I have to still continue with my treatment. That’s not going to stop in the near future.”

On how he was able to live a secretive life for so long and his future beyond golf: “I was at peace [earlier in my career]. What I’ve done in past years has been terrible to my family. The fact that I’ve won [golf championships] has been irrelevant. I’ve caused pain to my wife, mom. I have to explain this to my kids. I did it. I take full responsibility. I need to be a better man going forward than I was before. If I win championships along the way, so be it. But along the way I want to help more people.”—Keith Murphy

Do you think Tiger was sincere during his press conference?

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