Oh, Skit! 25 Funniest Hip-Hop Interludes (Pg. 2)



The Skit: “Skit #1″ from Kanye West’s 2005 album, Late Registration
The Punchline: Fraternity president: “Should we let our woman go and be with the cat with the car?” Fraternity brothers: “Yes, we will!” Fraternity president: “Why? ‘Cause we can’t afford gas!”
The Bottom Line: Keeping with the college theme of his albums, Mr. West introduced the world to Broke Phi Broke on Late Registration, a fraternity that used four skits to make a pledge to one thing: Balling on a budget. A very, very small budget. Hey Kanye: No shoes for you!



The Skit: “Come on Over (Skit)” from Ludacris’ 2000 debut, Back for the First Time
The Punchline: Ludacris: “Yeah, the door kinda fucked up so you gonna have to climb through the window, is that cool?”
The Bottom Line: Back in 2000, Luda had sold zero major label albums, appeared in zero movies, and owned zero cognac companies. But when it came to inviting chicks over to his crib, there was still zero shame in his game.



The Skit: “I’m A H-O-E (Skit)” from the Ruff Ryders’ 2000 compilation, Ryde or Die, Vol. II 
The Punchline: Female voice: “I’m a H-O-E…” 
The Bottom Line: Awww….a nursery rhyme about having sex with rappers. And rappers’ friends. And rappers’ entire entourages. And…HIV? Whoa, this is no joke.


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