Oh, Skit! 25 Funniest Hip-Hop Interludes (Pg. 6)



The Skit: “Paul (Skit)” from Eminem’s 1999 major label debut, The Slim Shady LP 
The Punchline: Paul Rosenberg: “Can you tone it down a little bit? Because there’s only so much I can explain.” 
The Bottom Line: Every Eminem album is guaranteed to have three things: A Dr. Dre beat, a metaphor involving Christopher Reeves and a voice mail from Em’s lawyer/manager Paul Rosenberg telling him what an F-up he is. Wash, rinse, repeat. 



The Skit: “The Shiznit Intro” from Snoop Dogg’s 1993 debut, Doggystyle 
The Punchline: DJ Sal-T-Nutz: “Right here on the station that plays only platinum hits. That’s 187.4 on your FM dial. If you’re lickin’, that’s WBALLZ.” 
The Bottom Line: DJ Clue? DJ Khaled? DJ Drama? Psssshhhhh! DJ Sal-T-Nutz knows how to get a party started. Pause. 



The Skit: “Ja Rule Duets” from various 50 Cent mixtapes 
The Punchline: “If you liked the Ja Rule Duets album, you’ll flip when you hear his new album!” 
The Bottom Line: If Ja Rule’s career wasn’t dead already, it was after 50 Cent released this absolutely hilarious series of sketches. It’s muuuuuuurrrrrrddddddeeeeeerrrrrr!




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