Oh, Skit! 25 Funniest Hip-Hop Interludes (Pg. 8)



The Skit: “Skit 5″ from De La Soul’s 1991 album, De La Soul Is Dead 
The Punchline: Kid: “That’s it? That’s all? What happened to the pimps? What happened to the guns? What happened to the curse words? That’s what rap music is all about, right?!” 
The Bottom Line: Kids find a De La Soul tape in the trash. Kids listen to the tape. Kids hate the tape and trash it. In between, hilarity ensues. (keep reading for a better write-up on De La!) 



The Skit: Chinese restaurant skit on “The Beast” from the Fugees’ 1999 album, The Score
The Punchline: Chinese restaurant owner: “This is a Chinese restaurant, but like Burger King, have it your way!” 
The Bottom Line: Slightly ignorant? Slightly racist? Slightly insensitive? Sure. But the Fugees pushed this skit just far enough to get a laugh (and a big laugh, at that) without going over the line. And by burying it at the end of one of the lesser-known tracks from the album, there’s a good chance only diehard fans found it anyway. 



The Skit: “Fuck Me (Interlude)” from Notorious B.I.G.’s 1994 debut, Ready to Die
The Punchline: Lil Kim: “You chronic smokin’, Oreo cookie eatin’, pickle juice drinkin’, chicken gristle eatin’, biscuit suckin’, motherfucker! V8 juice drinkin’, Slim Fast, black greasy motherfucker!” 
The Bottom Line: Ummm….We don’t remember this scene in Notorious. Do you?



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