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Olivia Responds To Drake: 'Sorry [You] Mad...'

When a Drake-featured record from G-Unit’s ex-leading lady, Olivia, hit the web Sunday afternoon, some were left critcizing its authenticity.

The 3:33 minute track titled “Control” (produced by DJ Special K of Souled Out Ent.) claimed to be Olivia’s second single off her mixtape, Under The Radar and was e-distributed by mixtape DJ, King Smij. “[‘Control’] wasn't supposed to be released for another week, but due to demand and overzealous blogs we're forced to release it early,” Smij’s email reads. “To give you an idea of how crazy her album Show The World is, this song didn't even make the final cut!!!”

But while Drake’s 2010 sound is buttery, halting and melodic, “Control” was reminiscent of a pre-Wayne, flashy-flow, Room For Improvement, Drizzy. For verification, VIBE emailed Olivia’s rep asking if Drake’s lyrics were borrowed from any past mixtapes and received the reply: “Drake recorded [‘Control’] specifically for Olivia… Her manager has a lot of connections [and] was able to get Drake on the record.”

However Drake told AllHipHop today that he was completely unaware of the collaboration: “I don’t support [artists] taking unauthorized recordings and marketing them as features,” he says. “I’ve never worked with Olivia and I apologize to any fan who was duped into thinking that ‘Control’ was a collaboration of mine.”

Earlier today however, Olivia's manager, Rich Dollaz (who also manages Ryan Leslie) explained to VIBE that 29-year-old R&B singer never claimed to have been in the studio with Drake and that "Control"'s producer, Special K, claimed that the track was not only cleared by Drake, but recorded two weeks ago in Canada. However, a quick google search shows that Canadian newcomer, Leila, originally recorded the track “All Night” with Drake — same production, same rap verses as “Control,” — but in 2007. 

Olivia shared with VIBE how the record came to fruition. “The producers had sent it to us like ‘Yo, we think this would be a great record for her, Drake already has his verses down. What do you think?’ We didn’t have the chance to work together, but they sent it to me,” she says. “As soon as they sent it, I said ‘His verses are hot, let’s do it.’ And then they said ‘Everybody loves it, we’re going to make his vocals match yours since they weren’t recorded in the same studio’ and that was it.’
Her manager explained that producer Special K had reached out two - three weeks ago with the track, pushing Olivia to record it quickly so it could also live on a Canadian compilation. "I knew I wasn't going to pay $100,000 to get Drake on the album, but I was under the impression this was cleared for the mixtape. I was pissed off when they leaked it, you can check my Twitter. I was heated," he says. "But its not that serious, it was for a damn mixtape. He can be mad all he wants to, I don't give a fuck if he's mad. I don't represent him. He can be mad at the producer."

She also agreed that Drake's rebuttal was a bit of an overreaction: "Sorry Drake's mad, 'cause I love [him]. But I'm not feenin' to get on the thing and wild out."

Olivia is currently prepping for her forthcoming mixtape, Under The Radar, and second album Show The World. DJ Special K did not respond to VIBE's interview request. —Tracy Garraud

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The Internet's latest victim of unwarranted hate is Ebro Darden, host of Hot 97's Ebro in the Morning. currently awaiting trialThe Internet is split on Darden's attempt to try to discuss Kodak Black's sexual assault allegations. He is for charges of criminal sexual conduct from a sexual assault indictment in 2017.

During the rapper's visit to the radio show on Wednesday (Dec. 12), everything seemed fine and dandy. However, around 15-minutes in, Ebro brought up the Floridian's current sexual assault case.

“Look man, at this point, it’s a pleasure to meet you man,” Ebro says near the 15-minute mark of the 17-minute interview. “You know, looking at all your cases and everything you’ve been through, and I know the recent one right now is very sensitive. Respect to everybody involved in that case, we can’t get into details today… We take sexual assault here serious. We can’t get into details, but we hope to have you back, so that we can have a deeper conversation about that. It’s a serious topic, we’re hearing these stories a lot."

Peter Rosenberg swiftly tries to deflect from the conversation by asking Kodak if the moon landing of 1969 was a conspiracy. However, Ebro brings up the musician's clear anxiety over the fact that he brought up the case.

"I feel like sometimes, when n***as like me are going through sh*t, y'all be entertained," says Kodak as he squirms in his chair. "Like, change the subject... talk about something else." Ebro then brings up that they tried to change the subject, and if there's nothing left to discuss, the interview could be over. At that point, Kodak gets up from the mic and walks away.

On Twitter after the interview began to gain virality, Ebro wrote that he did not discuss any specifics about the case, and that he was just trying to have a "balanced" conversation. While many members of the Twittersphere are praising Ebro for attempting to have a conversation about the elephant in the room, others are calling him out for "baiting" and bringing up something that "he shouldn't have brought up."

What are your thoughts?

I was tryna have a balanced convo with Kodak Black & not ignore the serious allegations against him but also not ask specifics to make his situation worse... and he wanna get an attitude with me?? Nah....

— El Viejo Ebro (@oldmanebro) December 12, 2018

He’s young black rich and ignorant. He was suppose to be uncomfortable about it.

— Nisha2much (@NautiNish) December 13, 2018

If you bring it up then say "we cant get into details tho" thats not a balanced convo thats baiting

— Scam SZN (@SumBlaqGuy) December 12, 2018

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Sir Elton John covered Khalid's 'American Teen' single for Spotify Singles.
Getty Images

Sir Elton John Covers Khalid's "Young Dumb And Broke"

Khalid has had the opportunity to cover songs from some legendary musicians like Tracy Chapman. Now, the tables have turned. Sir Elton John recently covered the Texan’s 2017 hit “Young Dumb & Broke.”

The “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” musician reworked Khalid’s American Teen track for the Spotify Singles series. In a statement, he praised the young musician’s growth, and he called the song “one of [his] favorites.” Khalid can be heard at the end of the Elton version singing along.

“I discovered Khalid’s music a few years ago, and have been a fan ever since,” Sir Elton wrote. “We finally met when I played his home town of El Paso last year. It’s a thrill to be a small part of any new artist’s journey, and it’s been wonderful to see his star continue to rise and rise. ‘Young Dumb & Broke’ is a fabulous song, one of my favorites, and I’m really pleased that he liked my cover enough to contribute vocals.”

This wouldn’t be the first time Sir Elton has praised members of the newer generation of music. His song “Rocket Man” is sampled in Young Thug’s On The Rvn EP. In the past, he’s sung Thugger’s praises, namely in a 2015 interview with Noisey, where he noted he enjoyed how he pushed the boundaries of hip-hop.

Listen to Sir Elton John’s cover below.

this is so crazy Thank you so much @eltonofficial pic.twitter.com/QVkQjqCSuM

— Khalid (@thegreatkhalid) December 12, 2018

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'Sesame Street' Praised For The Inclusion Of Homeless Character

Sesame Street continues its crusade to include statement-making characters on their block. This time around, families will be introduced to Lily, the show’s first homeless character.

According to USA Today, Lily- an adorable hot pink, red haired puppet- was first introduced to the show in 2011, but in new online clips, Lily opens up about being homeless and staying with friends.

"Now we don't have our own place to live, and sometimes I wonder if we'll ever have our own home," she says to Elmo in one clip. In her initial appearances on the show, Lily discusses her family’s food insecurities, meaning they didn’t have much to eat.

“We know children experiencing homelessness are often caught up in a devastating cycle of trauma – the lack of affordable housing, poverty, domestic violence, or other trauma that caused them to lose their home, the trauma of actually losing their home, and the daily trauma of the uncertainty and insecurity of being homeless,” said Sherrie Westin, President of Global Impact and Philanthropy at Sesame Workshop.

“We want to help disrupt that cycle by comforting children, empowering them, and giving them hope for the future," she continues. "We want them to know that they are not alone and home is more than a house or an apartment – home is wherever the love lives.”

In recent years, Sesame Street has introduced a slew of ground-breaking new characters, including Julia, a puppet with autism, and Alex, a character whose father is incarcerated.

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