Ray J’s Blog: ‘Family Business’ Is Really Real!


Let’s talk about family and money. First off, I wanted to get my “Created by” credit with Brandy & Ray J: Family Business because this time around I created this show for the family. It was a little bit hard to convince them and pitch them the show to where they would accept the offer of even doing it, just because my family is kind of more private than I am as far as with cameras. But I let them know this show will bring a lot of other families together and it’ll bring us together.

My goal was to show the obstacles of putting this business together as a family and dealing with personal issues in our family, and I think once people see how we lay our blueprint of how we did it our way, it’ll make people call up their mom or their brother or their sister and say, “Yo I watched this show. Let’s all get back together and be a family.” Or, “Let’s clean up something that happened in the past. Let’s make it right.”

All of these things are my intentions for doing this show. It’s really real, and my sister walked in one day and kicked the door down—well, not kicked it down, but opened up my door and was like, “Yo if we gon’ do this show we gotta really just open up and do it for real. People gon’ know if it’s real and they gon’ know if it’s not.” My sister, my mom, my pops, they gave 110 percent. I love them and I got they back, whatever they need from me.

On the show, me and Rodney Jerkins partner up in the studio—Knockout Entertainment, Darkchild—he’s producing my whole album. He’s the musical genius for this album and I’m writing the records with him and coming up with concepts but I got him spearheading the album and throughout the show you’ll see us ink with a major label and really just go hard. I’m tired of putting out these hits and they’re just independent. We ’bout to go hard. We just dropped a few songs with the New Boyz and then I’m coming off “Sexy Can I” independently and I just want to make sure this time around after we drop these singles we can just keep it going. I’m sure a major label can help me with that so I’m excited.

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