Ray J’s Blog: I’m Stepping Into Another Chapter


There was a chapter in my life where I was really open and it was all about sex. When people heard “Ray J,” they thought about sex and then it was about what women I was going to pick on my show and it was about For the Love of Ray J. Now, I’m stepping into another chapter and that’s with my family. And my family definitely has strong moral values as far as being positive and keeping family by your side. I’m growing up and growing into a more respectable artist. I’ve had a lot of crazy fun but I also want people to know that I love my family and I care about my family and I would do anything for them so people are getting to witness that. 

I don’t even really pay attention to Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush. I’m from Mississippi so I’m a big Saints fan so congratulations on the Super Bowl and much respect and success for ol’ boy. I’m proud to see what the team did for the community and for New Orleans. I have to respect him on that end and give him props. But I don’t really talk about Kim in any interview now because I’ve said a lot of crazy things in the past whether I was just off Grey Goose or just feeling cool or just having fun. It was all in good fun. I’m to the point where I’m trying to put out positive energy for them and for us and for the family, too.

I was going in back then because I was just where I was at. I was in my “going in” mode. But right now, I’m in my very respectable, congratulations on all the success kind of thing. I think For the Love of Ray J helped me grow with the audience and I think it’s given people a different outlook on Ray J. For years, I was just Brandy’s brother and that’s what people would call me, but I think it’s helped me break through into my own lane and my own person.

Compared to Brandy, I definitely have to step my record sales game up. But people know me for Ray J now. And I think I still got a lot of work to do as far as being an artist. I don’t feel like I made it yet. I got a long way to go.

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