Reality TV Recap: Brandy & Ray J, Basketball Wives, What Chilli Wants


A recap of the reality shows that keep you glued to the tube


Seeing the For the Love of Ray J 2 reunion from Ray J’s perspective made him seem like less of a douche bag. He humbly apologized to Cocktail for cursing her out and “kept it one hunnid” with Mz Berry by admitting that he still wants to be a player. However, Brandy’s lack of love was emphasized when Flo Rida reneged on his invitation to The Grammys. Disappointed, she reached out to family and friends to help cheer her up but the pair has been seen hanging out lately, so hopefully we get to see their relationship unfold on the show.



Rashidah appropriately used Evelyn’s birthday dinner to call Jen phony, which started an argument. However, tension eased up at the actual party when Royce presented her birthday gift–a random sexy dance performance by her troupe Fantashique. I guess it really is hard being a basketball wife, girlfriend, ex, or babymama, especially when cameras are rolling (*side eye*).



Tionna hooked Chilli up with Dovette, a tall, dark and muscular Adonis who was also sane and a successful businessman. Miss I Don’t Want No Scrubs wasn’t interested in getting to know him because he wasn’t her type physically. Chilli is impossibly picky but it seems like what she really wants is Floyd Mayweather. Hopefully she’ll stop fronting soon.


Did Ray J do the right thing by apologizing to Cocktail or was she dead wrong for crashing the set? Will he ever be ready to settle down? Would Brandy and Flo Rida be an interesting couple to watch? Do basketball wives fail in the maturity department? Is Chilli too picky or is she really just fronting on her feelings for Floyd?