Reality TV Recap: Floyd Mayweather Plays Chilli


A recap of the reality shows that keep you glued to the tube



Brandy and Rodney Jerkins squashed their beef while Ray J enlisted the beatsmith to help him with his next project under the condition that Sonja Norwood couldn’t be as involved as she used to be. Mama Norwood took the news better than Ray J initially thought but stressed how important it was for him to put the business knowledge she taught him to the test. Will Ray J show and prove?



Jaded Jen and Evelyn went to dinner at Gloria’s house skeptical that Gloria’s man (Matt Barnes) doesn’t cheat. Amid Jevelyn’s bitter Tiger Woods innuendos and sideways quips about athletes’ shady activities on the road, Matt implored them not to corrupt Gloria. Days after the awkward dinner, Jen got to release her frustrations with philandering ballers by confronting a notorious groupie affectionately known as “plastic surgery,” making it clear that messing with her man came with dire consequences.




TLC did their first show since losing Left Eye (RIP), but the most exciting part of the episode was that Chilli scheduled a date with Floyd Mayweather. Cue the crickets because he stood her up, which brought her near tears. Now we see that the reason she’s so picky is because she deals with flakes like Fair Weather Floyd. Their chemistry is still amazing so hopefully by some miracle he’ll figure out how to get back in her good graces.


Was Rodney Jerkins wrong for wanting to exclude Sonja? Was Jen and Evelyn’s behavior at dinner inappropriate or are they correct that most athletes cheat? Can Floyd Mayweather redeem himself or are all posibilities of a romantic relationship with Chilli squashed?