Reality TV Recap: Tiny & Toya, Dhani Tackles The Globe


Tiny & Toya, aka our favorite country cousins, are back on BET with a second season of their show. While some still criticize their heavy southern accents and call them hood, contrary to the hate, the complication in their lives appears to be coming together. Tiny came to terms with her father’s Alzheimer’s by realizing that while he will never be the same mentally, they’ll always bond when it comes to music. Meanwhile, Toya got her mom back to Atlanta where she has agreed to enter drug rehab. Hopefully, she’ll stick with the plan.

Okay, you might not be checking for the Travel Channel, but Dhani Tackles the Globe is worth watching. The hidden gem features Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Dhani Jones traveling the globe to learn the culture and compete in a new sport in various countries within a couple of weeks. The season two premiere, which began on Monday, found Dhani cycling in Italy. He didn’t win the race but appreciated the experience. Next week he tackles Senegal’s international sport, Lutte.