Reality TV Recap: Toya’s Mom Goes Back On The Pipe


Just when Toya thought her mom would check in to rehab and kick her drug habit for good, things took a turn for the worst. Her mother started exhibiting unusual behavior indicative of a relapse and eventually goes back to New Orleans to rejoin her junky friends. In addition to struggling with a drug-addicted mother, Toya is anxious about Lil Wayne’s impending jail sentence and how her pre-teen daughter, Reginae, will handle it. On a brighter note, Reginae celebrated her 11th birthday with a pajama party and was pleased that her father showed up complying with the dress code. Toya also gave Reginae the present of her dreams, a cute Teacup Yorkie.

While Tiny’s man-in-prison-drama drew to an end as T.I. prepared to return home, she provided solace for bestie Toya. The former Xscape singer’s worries were shifted to the opening of her nail bar as she discovered not many nail technicians have what it takes to execute her vision?edgy, funky nails that can’t be gotten many places. The process was harder than she thought but despite the stress, she handled the pressure like the strong woman that she is. Tiny and Toya might not speak the clearest English because of their heavy accents but watching them struggle and persevere is heartwarming.


Will Toya’s mom ever kick her drug habit or is she just gaming her daughter? Should Toya just give up on her mother? Now that Tiny’s Nail Bar is open, have you been? Have you heard anything about the service? Will Tiny’s business venture do well?