Off The Record: Jeezy On Shawty Redd (Pg. 5)


Like Shawty Redd, that shit is serious, dog. This nigga might never get outta jail. And if he do get out he still gotta be able to live with himself cause it ain’t like he killed his enemy. He killed the nigga he was with everyday for the last… since I’ve been seeing them niggas together. And we all know him.

I love Shawty Redd, he’s like my little brother, man, but getting that call was like, what the fuck? When the nigga called me, on my momma, I said, yo, let me tell ya what happened and I gave him the scenario. He said, ‘man, how you know?’ I said, I just knew that was going to happen, dog, I told him it was going to happen. Cause he was fucking with real street niggas and he wasn’t that.

But I think a lot of that, and I don’t want to blame it on me, but I think a lot of that was coming up with me and me buying the niggas bottles and keeping him in cars and all this shit at such a young age. I just think quite naturally he felt like he should be around people like that, but that ain’t no joke, man…

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