Off The Record: Jeezy Speaks On Boosie (Pg. 3)


I sit back and I just think, that the lil’ homie [Lil’ Boosie] is sitting there in a cell but he was on top of the world. In his lil’ world in Lousiana he was that nigga. I used to tell him all the time your moves are big! And I done went down there and hung out with him in the club in the streets and everything, I done been in his hood and everything, so to me, it’s a sad thing to see…

So you know, it just come with the territory, man, but it’s just hard, dog, I used to hear cats like 8ball & MJG, Pac, all of them rap about what it used to be like [when you get successful] and say what the hell? It can’t be that bad. Oh, it is. I see it now…If you ever listen to everybody’s second or third albums, it’s pretty much the same story: ‘these niggas tripping.’ I’m the same nigga. I don’t think you change, I just think the things around you change. And your surroundings change, and you accepted in more shit that you wouldn’t normally be accepted in. People like you that wouldn’t normally like you cause you got that it [factor].

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