Rico Love’s Blog: The Way It Makes Me Feel


If I smell the sweet aroma of apple pie I can taste it. If I’m attracted to a beautiful woman and we have chemistry I can kiss her and touch her and feel her. If I feel cold I can warm up under a blanket. If I’m hot I can relax in a pool or sit under an air conditioner. But how do you physically satisfy the sensation you get when you hear a great song? 

What do you do when you hear the lyrics to a song that speak to you in a way that is unexplainable? It makes me understand the mind of a young girl who cries when she finally get to see Beyonce live in concert. Or the screaming fan who spots Usher in the mall and goes insane. Music gives you an emotional charge that’s not very easy to explain. 

It’s a charge that you can’t physically touch, but you feel like you have to at least make an attempt to do so. I thought I would lose my mind the first time I heard “She’s Out of My Life” by Michael Jackson! Even as a small child I can remember being so intrigued by the lyric and melody, that it almost frustrated me. I wanted to figure out a way to quench the thirst that music gave me. It’s embedded so deeply into my heart and soul. I’m married to it… I want it to love me forever and care for me as I care for it. I want to sink my teeth into it and that’s why I spend so much time perfecting my craft as a song writer. 

Because if I can make you feel about music the way I feel about it, then I think I’m one step closer to quench that impossible thirst…. Turn The Lights On!

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