Ryan Leslie’s Blog: 5 Reasons I’ll Be Creative This Spring


For me, Spring is a great time to be creative and this one is no different. 5 reasons why I’ll be very creative this Spring:



1. The iPad is a beautiful piece of technology and a great way to share all of the videos I make with people that I meet, inspiring me to make more videos – like the photo project above.

2. There is a row of trees outside of my home in Harlem that is bare all winter and is now in full bloom, creating an inspiring sight when I walk out and have breakfast in the morning. My piano faces the window and I like to create looking out on my neighborhood.

3. There are a few great pieces from the various spring collections (especially a jacket that I picked up in Paris from Balmain) that reflect my personal style & the message of cool, casual, and at the same time stylish and well-fitting. While I enjoy supporting designer like Christophe Decarnin for Balmain, I definitely have been rockin my $25 Gap sweatshirt as well to a great response from the women in my life.

4. I’m going to be working with Ne-Yo, Keri Hilson & John Legend all in the next three weeks. This will be the first time that I’ll be considered more than a producer and potentially duet with them for my new album or theirs. I also have the Red Cafe “I’m Ill” remix that just dropped, which has led to scheduled sessions with both Red & Lloyd Banks. Collaboration is always inspiring.

5. My girl will always wear less clothes in the spring, and when I go to pick her up in downtown New York – the boys on my staff are always amazed by the beauty that great weather brings out. This makes them want to be cool so they can be more attractive and I use that to get more out of them as we at NextSelection continue to strive to make a mark on music history. Case in point, special thanks to Aram Bedrossian for the montage above and be on the lookout for Evan Rogers’ first video – Bluey Robinson’s “I Know” Remix – which we’re shooting in London right now.

As always, thanks for watching, listening, and sharing. I have so much more to give.


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