A Short Convo With… Idris Elba


Idris Elba plays a knife-wielding renegade in his forthcoming movie, The Losers, out today (April 23). Based on a DC Comics series, The Losers is about a group of Special Forces ops from various branches of the military who are seeking revenge against those who tried to assassinate them. Here, Elba breaks down his comic book knowledge (or lack thereof), plans for more roles in the genre and his adrenaline addiction. —Starrene Rhett

VIBE: The Losers required a lot of training, but were you familiar with the comic beforehand?

Idris Elba: Not really. I knew it was a graphic novel and that there were a couple of editions but that was it. After I did my research and looked at the script, I understood the history. It has a big fan base so I’m really excited to see what the fans think of the adaptation of the film.

Were you into comic books at all growing up?

I used to read Spiderman, and I used to read Superman as well, [but] I wasn’t a big comic geek or anything like that.

You might have to tap into you inner comic nerd if you’re going to be in Thor.

[Laughs] I’m filming Heimdall as we speak. I’m in Thor playing that. That’s going to be interesting. It’s another comic but completely different. I’m not allowed to say too much about that but I’m excited about it because it’s a lot bigger and epic.

What other comic book characters are on your radar to play?

I wouldn’t mind a stab at Blade. That’s Wesley’s number but that’s still a hot thing. There are a couple of jammies, especially in the graphic novel world—those characters are so much deeper and darker, and they’re well written.

A lot of your movie roles lately have been keeping you physically active. Are you secretly an adrenaline junky?

Definitely, I want some of that! I’m about to drive in the Gumball Rally 3000, which drives from London to New York and I get to drive a Mini Cooper. I’m definitely going to make a video of it.

Now that you mention the adrenaline fetish, how much of your own stunts did you do in The Losers?

I did all my own stunts. In the end sequence there’s a big fight and I did that stunt, and I did all the gun stuff. There’s a twist at the end with my character, too. I do my shit. You’ll see.


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