Stacey Speaks On Abusive Ex-Husband (Pg. 2)


I was surprised to hear that your most recent husband, Emmanuel Xuereb, was physically abusive towards you. TMZ put up the legal paper, but did you ever want the public to know?
I didn’t necessarily want it to get out, but it got out. Unfortunately, it’s not the first time for me and that’s something I was going to get into [publicly.] I was in a [bad] relationship for five years when I was a young girl with my son’s father. It’s a sickness. And it’s also… it’s about being a woman and being strong enough to leave. And sometimes you’re not. It’s very sad and women need to be helped, not condemned. It’s not like you want to be there getting your ass beat.

Was it hard leaving your son’s father when you were younger?
I left finally, after my son was born. My son saved my life because had I not had him, I would probably be dead. I got the courage from my son to leave and do what I had to do.

Did you feel like you were in a life-threatening situation with Emmanuel?
No. ‘Scuse me, I’ve got two fucking kids. There’s no fucking way, man. Once he got physical, that was it. ‘Oh yeah? You’re going to put your hands on me?’ I don’t think so, you’re going to jail. You only get to do that once, that’s it.

Exactly. Did your children know what was going on?
No. My son didn’t really know and my daughter has no idea. She’s oblivious. She’s just a happy little girl that goes to school.

Is that a talk you want to save for later?
For Lola, she doesn’t need to know. It’s not her father. All she needs to know is that we’re not together anymore and we wish him well. My son, he knows what the deal was. My son knows everything. We grew up together. I’m completely honest with him. And he’s a grown man.

He’s super protective over his mother?
For sure.


Has your ex-husband tried to get in contact with you at all?
No. The restraining order worked. And that’s the other thing I want women to know: If you do the steps, they work. They try and tell you, ‘You can’t get away from me.’ But go to the law, it works.

With having experienced two abusive relationships, how do you deal with the aftermath? Are you seeing a therapist?
Yeah, I have a therapist and I pray a lot. I’m staying very close to God right now. I keep saying God is my man because I’m not used to being without [one]. It’s not easy, it’s very difficult for me. And I just… I get on my knees a lot.

Do you think there’s a pattern with the guys you choose? The bad boy?
Oh no. My daughter’s father is an upper class twit, an Englishmen. He’s a really good man, we just didn’t work out. And my first husband would never hurt me in a million years. So I don’t know what happened with this last guy.

Were your other ex-husbands like ‘Yo Stace, we will kill that man if you want us’?
Yes, of course. That was already a given. They wanted me out of the situation, so yeah.

Do you have any more court dates left?
Oh, no. That’s done. We’re done.

Divorce finalized?
Yep. Life is moving on.


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