Super Cuts: 8 Athlete Makeovers (pg. 2)

Athlete: NFL quarterback Donovan McNabb
New Look: A slightly creepy mustache (above)
The Reason: Either to mock Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid and his mustache for trading him to the Washington Redskins earlier this week or to assume his position as the fearless (and grandfatherly) new leader of the ‘Skins.
The Result: Nothing yet. But it looks like there’s a lot of knowledge and wisdom in the ‘stache that McNabb’s rocking these days, doesn’t it? NFL, beware!

Athlete: NBA guard Baron Davis
New Look: A Rick Ross-esque beard
The Reason: He’s always rocked a beard. But once BD hit Los Angeles to play for the Clippers a few years ago, that thing just seemed to go all Hollywood on him. It even has its own Twitter account! Beard Davis?! Good grief.
The Result: It’s offered him a solid second source of income. And we have to believe it’s a hit with the ladies. What’s not to love?