Super Cuts: 8 Athletes’ Makeovers (pg. 5)


Athlete: NBA forward Ron Artest
New Look: The name of his record label, “Tru Warier,” shaved into the back of his head (above)
The Reason: To promote his record label. Duh! Why else would he do it?!
The Result: Not much in the record sales department. Or the sanity department, for that matter. Oh, Ron-Ron…

Athlete: Kimbo Slice
New Look: The most intimidating beard in the world
The Reason: Okay, so we don’t ever remember seeing Kimbo without his beard. But once upon a time, he dreamed up this look—and it definitely works for him.
The Result: It made us scared to death of him and started up a gang of conspiracy theories once he launched his MMA career. Bawse!


Just like Tiger, these guys have all changed up their looks—and changed up their image in the process. Can you think of any other athletes who have done the same thing? What about rappers? Or singers? Or just celebrities in general? If Tiger can do it, anyone can. Leave your suggestions in the comments below.