Super Cuts: Tiger’s Goatee Plus 8 Other Image-Changing Athlete Makeovers


Forget the press conferences, the five-minute ESPN interview, the public apology, the Buddhist beliefs, and the rehab sessions. Here at VIBE, we forgave Tiger Woods the second he emerged at the Masters this week rocking a goatee that just screamed, I’m sorry! Can’t you see that?! Call us shallow, but a guy trying to tell us that he’s sorry is much less effective than a guy who actually wears the pain of his controversy on his face. Regardless of how you do at the Masters this year, Tiger, you’ve already made your best play of the season by sporting your new look. (Sidebar: Why hasn’t anyone created the @tigerwoodsgoatee Twitter account yet? Come on, folks!)

That said, this move isn’t anything new. In fact, in the world of sports, working on a new hairstyle to rework your image has become the equivalent of working on your J to rework your game. So with that in mind, we scoped out ten of the best examples of athletes who changed up their hairstyles ever-so-slightly in recent years in order to get a reaction out of us. Congratulations, guys: Your plan worked. Just like Tiger’s… —Chris Yuscavage