Tiki Barber, Another Celebrity Cheater?


Doesn’t seem to early to claim 2010 the year of celebrity infidelity. Next up on the lengthy list? Former New York Giants running back and The Today Show correspondent, Tiki Barber

NY Daily News reports that the ex-NFL star is allegedly divorcing his wife of 11 years, Ginny Cha —who is also pregnant with twins— for a relationship his 23-year-old blonde mistress, Traci Lynn Johnson. Johnson, who met Barber through an internship at NBC in 2007 told her family that she was babysitting the Barbers’ two children, but a source close to the Barber family claims Johnson fabricated the lie to conceal her affair with 35-year-old, Barber. 

Since their meeting, various photographs have been snapped of Barber and Johnson paired up at Newark Airport in December 2008 and at documentary screening in March. Twitter messages exchanged between the two also suggested both were in Arizona and Johnson allegedly accompanied Barber at the Vancouver Olympics in February. 

Neither Barber or Johnson have made statements about their alleged affair. —Tracy Garraud