Top 10 Dip Skits! (Pg. 2)



The Skit: “Mike Epps Skit #1” from the 2008 album, Jim Jones & Skull Gang Present A Tribute To Bad Santa 
The Punchline: Mike Epps: “If we break in your house, me and Jim Jones, we gon’ break in your house and we gon’ cook! When you come in there, there’s gonna be dirty dishes all over that motherfucker!” 
The Bottom Line: The fact that Dipset did a holiday album is ridiculous enough. But sprinkled in between the ’hood Christmas carols were skits by professional funnyman Mike Epps. And they were funnier than a mothafu…well, you get the point.



The Skit: “Squalie (Skit)” from Juelz Santana’s 2003 debut, From Me To U 
The Punchline: Mizzle: “I just need some shit! Maaan! 
The Bottom Line: Before “Mizzle” was running the streets on Cam’s seminal 2004 album, Purple Haze, he was trying to cop purple tops from Freaky Zeeky on Santana’s debut. Keep an eye on this guy—he’ll be back later. 



The Skit: “Shitty Skit” from Cam’Ron’s 2007 mixtape, Public Enemy #1 
The Punchline: Cam: “I got Dove and all that!…Rinsing off is different from washing up. It’s a difference. I heard the water run; no soap was used!” 
The Bottom Line: Cam arguing with a chick again? You don’t say. As the title suggests, this one features Killa chastising a chick for using the facilities at his crib—and then jumping back into bed with him. Ewww!


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