Top 10 Dip Skits! (Pg. 3)



The Skit: “Grease” from Cam’Ron’s 2009 album, Crime Pays 
The Punchline: Female: “If you cannot respect me enough to treat me normal, like you treat everybody else, leave me the fuck alone. Forever, ever, ever.” Cam: “I’m gonna take that option. The ever, ever, ever joint.” 
The Bottom Line: During a phone call, Cam threatens to defecate in the back of a girl’s car. She, in turn, threatens to write on his garage door with lipstick. And by the end, she’s in tears. Ah, can’t you feel the love?



The Skit:“Intro” from Juelz Santana’s 2005 album, What The Game’s Been Missing
The Punchline: Juelz’s 5-year-old nephew: “I just want to tell you I love you.” Juelz: “Awww, I love you, too, man.” Nephew: “Whoa, whoa, whoa, don’t be getting all mushy on me, man!” 
The Bottom Line: The future of Dipset? Sure sounds like it. On ’Elz’s sophomore album, he lets his nephew catch some shine on the intro and he makes the most of it. 



The Skit: “I’m A Chicken Head (Skit)” from Cam’Ron’s 2004, album Purple Haze 
The Punchline: Female: “I’m a chicken so I’m gonna act like a chicken. Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack! Or whatever the fuck sound they make.” Cam: “That’s a duck!” 
The Bottom Line: On most of his phone skits, Cam gets the upper hand. But his leading lady absolutely steals the show here. More than five years after this was released, this skit is still LOL funny. 


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