A Treat For Weezy: Kurt Cobain Biopic En Route


It’s already been noted how many pop culture events Lil Wayne will miss out on during his one year bid at Rikers Island, but one thing waiting for the self-proclaimed best rapper alive when he returns? A biopic of one of his favorite rock star idols, Kurt Cobain.

According to MTV News, director Oren Moverman (The Messenger) will be leading the as-yet-untitled big screen story of Cobain, basing much of the script off of the 2001 Charles R. Cross-penned biography, Heavier Than Heaven. Though the film is still in it’s earliest stages, Moverman explained that “There is a script from David Benioff [“25th Hour”/ “Brothers” screenwriter] that is about Kurt Cobain, and I’m in negotiations to polish it and then direct it, but it’s not a done deal deal yet,” he said. “It’s in the works and hopefully it will work out.”

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