Urban Legends: Hip-Hop’s 13 Wildest Conspiracy Theories


Conspiracy theories are nothing new to the hip-hop community. It’s one of the reasons we’re not particularly surprised to see the Guru situation go down the way it has. By now, you’ve heard that the legendary Gang Starr rapper passed away earlier this week following a lengthy battle with cancer. The day he died, Guru’s friend/partner/producer Solar released a letter that the rapper allegedly wrote on his deathbed.

More than a few red flags went up after it was released. Some have speculated on Solar’s real role in Guru’s life. Others have questioned the authenticity of the letter. And just like that? A gang of conspiracy theories have popped up concerning the life and death of Guru. And we fully expect more to come soon as Guru’s family tries to sort through the details about his final days.

When you really think about it, hip-hop is filled with conspiracy theories just like this—about life, about death and about the intentions of certain rappers. To prove the point, VIBE.com tracked down 13 of the craziest hip-hop-related conspiracy theories of all-time. Click through to learn the truth behind some of them… —Chris Yuscavage