V Vintage: Nicki Minaj (Pg. 2)


I know you’ve recorded a couple of freestyles with Drake, who seems to be on everybody’s mind these days. What are your thoughts on what’s happening with him right now?

I’m just excited for him. I’m rooting for him. It’s so funny because I feel like out of all of Young Money, me and Drake are real, real close. I remember when this was just a dream of ours. We would literally sit down and talk and pour our hearts out to each other. To see this happening, it just makes me feel like a proud sister almost when it comes to him. I know that he’s talented and he’s been there to really motivate me when a lot of people weren’t there. I feel like I was able to do the same thing for him. Since we’ve met each other, we’ve been each other’s biggest fan. It’s like seeing your brother shine; it’s like the best feeling in the world.

Who are some of the producers and artists you’ve been working with in the studio?

I’ve been in the studio with Wayne for the last couple of days. I did some joints for his new album, Rebirth. It’s one joint on there that I think people are going to absolutely fall in love with. I’ve been using a lot of new producers because I just don’t feel like I have to spend a million dollars to get a hot beat. I feel like the beat is going to ultimately be what I make it and I’ve had the pleasure of just meeting some freakin’ geniuses. Producers that are like 17-years-old. We’re gonna start our movement together. As far as the artists, I did a song with Trina. I think Keri Hilson is gonna be on there. I did a song with Eric Benét and a record with Teairra Mari. I do songs with Lil Wayne all of the time and Gucci Mane all of the time. Next year, you’re going to start hearing Nicki Minaj on everything because I’m planting my seeds now. I’m also recording tracks for the Young Money album.

You seem to be the one MC that all the other female MCs go after to battle.

Well, first of all, I haven’t gone at anyone. I’ve never gone at anybody. I’m not even trying to be sarcastic. I know people go at me everyday. I have tons of YouTube videos where fans just make their own videos of themselves reciting Nicki Minaj raps. So, I do it for them. I do it for all of my Barbie Dolls. On Beam Me Up Scotty, I didn’t write one thing directed to anybody. People were talking about my “Grindin’” freestyle, which was done over two years ago. That’s bullshit.

What part of the game is that?

It’s the wack-ass, corny-ass part of the game! People never want to see females shine. They want to keep you bobbed down and keep you in a box where all you do is fight. Like little freakin’ mice in a little freakin’ experiment. I’m Nicki Minaj, bitch! It’s Barbie, bitch! That’s my catchphrase, “It’s Barbie, bitch!” Nothing else matters. Niggas know. I let everybody else promote Nicki Minaj. You can talk about me in every interview you do. I won’t talk about you in shit I do.


How does it feel to go back to your old neighborhood in Queens, N.Y., with the success that you have had?


When I shot my MTV mixtape footage in Jamaica, Queens, like a couple weeks ago, people we’re so shocked and excited for me. They were like, Wow! These were people that saw me as a little freakin’ kid; as a little dusty girl in elementary school! Then they see me in the park with an MTV mic in my hand, and a Ferrari and cameras all around. Most of them were guys that rapped as well. It was kind of interesting to see them look at me. I almost felt guilty; sometimes you feel guilty for your success because it’s like I know how many people have worked so hard to be recognized as a rapper. They were looking at me like, Damn! Why didn’t I get that chance? Why did it happen to her? That’s why I have to be thankful for my situation because while it’s not where I want it to be, I’m still better off than a lot of people. As far as me going back to Queens, it’s like a great homecoming. My people are always proud of me and playing my music. It’s just dope! Southside, Jamaica, Queens, all day!

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